Meet The Trainer

Kelsie Krull has been riding horses since the age of 4 and taking riding lessons since she was 7.  At around the time of taking lessons professionally, she also became interested in how horses behaved and how to train them.  She started by teaching her paint pony how to do certain tricks and how to behave at shows and parades.  She began showing at 4-H and open shows at 8 yrs competing against children older than her, and even adults, and quickly became a frequent winner.  Soon she graduated to a larger horse and then to better quality show horses.  Kelsie has received Grand Champion plaques and trophies at our local county fair for 12 years running, all through her 4-H career and has went on to compete and win at the state 4-H level.  She also won numerous awards at the open shows, among them were year end and monetary awards.  Kelsie has started and headed the Mentoring Program in our county since she was 15 yrs old, where she assisted younger children to work with and understand their horse and their horse's behavior and has became a standard in our county 4-H program.  Working with people and their horses to work as a team has always been important to Kelsie and she knew this would always be a part of her life. 

Kelsie became a fan of Trainer Ken McNabb by watching his television show.  Recognizing that he had the same understanding of horses and people that she also felt, drove her interest even more into the training aspect.  After writing to him, she was accepted then into his 2010 Apprenticeship program.  Kelsie traveled to Douglas, Wyoming to work under him and experience his knowledge and training ability first hand.  Ken helped to nurture her natural love and ability for horse training, and also gave her insight into the horse/human relationship.  She received her certification in his apprenticeship program and has been invited back to advance in his teachings. 

Kelsie is able to take horses to a new level of understanding with their human partner, and is then able to also help the rider to become a teammate with their horse.  Her no nonsense fun, individualized and easy to understand lessons, bring each horse and riding team to their highest level.   Kelsie also has received a Business Management Degree from NWTC and has completed several class certifications with an Equine emphasis. She is available for on site lessons, trainings, and clinics and will help you find the perfect horse to fit your needs!