About Us

Our farm has been a family run farm since the early 1800's. It started as a home settlement and small dairy farm where 13 cows were milked. Our great grandfather enjoyed trapping and became heavily interested in mink. Using $100, he purchased 10 female mink. As more mink populated the farm he slowly started replacing the dairy cattle. As time passed our grandfather and his brother got more involved with their father growing the mink farm. They would raise the mink and then eventually sell the fur. Buyers would come from all over the country to purchase the fur as it was very popular during this time.

As they became more serious with the mink farming, and the fur business, they decidedLonesome Pine Fur Farm it was time to name the farm. It was at this time in the early 1960's where the farm was named "Lonesome Pine Fur Farm." This name came from a very largepine tree that was over 50ft tall and stood by itself on the property.

During the 1970's our grandfather became the sole proprietor of the farm. He had grown the farm so large that he had thousands of mink. When he sold off the mink in the 1980's he had owned 2,400 female and 500 male mink.

The farm was then taken over by his daughter and husband. Lonesome Pine FarmThey had reinvented the farm by taking down the old buildings and barn and building a new barn and stables. It was at this time when the name of the farm was changed to "Lonesome Pine Farm."

Over the years the farm has slowly changed and expanded. With their daughter Kelsie's love and interest in horses, the farm slowly evolved to what it is today. It was then with this evolution that the farm would branch out to "Lonesome Pine Equine LLC."

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